Transitional Safeguarding

Transitional Safeguarding is an emerging discipline that seeks to provide an evidence-informed and multi-agency approach to safeguarding practice for adolescents crossing into early adulthood (defined by the United Nations as persons between the ages of 15 and 24).

Traditional models of children’s safeguarding do not adequately recognise that adolescents need to experience an element of risk enablement but instead offer protection and mitigation whilst adult safeguarding models assume that adolescents moving into early adulthood are able to exert choice and control in their situation and have achieved a certain level of maturity in decision making.

Through the Families and Children Transformation Partnership, partners are committed to developing, trialling, and evaluating new ways of working with a defined cohort of young people/adults who are most vulnerable as well as looking at how we might achieve wider whole system change related to Transitional Safeguarding to enable more effective response to crisis as well as earlier intervention to prevent needs escalating.

 A ‘Proof of Concept’ project and methodology is underway to develop and test ways of working. As we move through the project, updates on the proof of concept work, events, activities, workforce development and learning can be found in the learning and resource hub areas of the SVPP website.

Transitional Safeguarding Launch Event

To see the videos and presentations from the Transitional Safeguarding Launch Event held in January 2022 follow the page for booking training to access the Virtual College learning management system. Resources will be available under ‘Learning’ then ‘Transitional Safeguarding’.

If you would like to find out more or get involved in the project please email 

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