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New Introduction to Transitional Safeguarding Training

Introduction to Transitional and Contextual Safeguarding Training 27th May 2022

“This half day course is intended to provide more detail and information about contextual and transitional safeguarding. The session is aimed at building and raising awareness of both frameworks, how they relate to practice and how they intersect. The session will enable professionals to:

  • Understand the challenges of the existing Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding systems for young people, particularly those aged 16 - 25
  • Identify the key concepts relating to the need for contextual and transitional safeguarding
  • Consider the need for a different approach to assessment and intervention
  • Develop the skills to respond to contextual and transitional challenges when working with young people
  • Understand the main principles of both areas of work and how these approaches can be embedded into practice in your service area

The course is aimed at any practitioner who wants to gain a more detailed knowledge and understanding of transitional and contextual safeguarding. It is particularly appropriate for safeguarding leads and practitioners”  To book click here 


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